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Frequently asked questions

  • What does membership include?

    Overnight Bikes members enjoy FedEx Priority Overnight service within the United States for just $199 per shipment.*

    See Membership page for details.

    *Delivery area surcharge applies when shipping to or from Hawaii or Alaska. Remote or hard to reach locations are subject to an additional fee and/or transit time.

  • What is an oversize package?

    Courier services like FedEx, UPS and USPS apply an oversize surcharge to bike boxes and travel cases greater than 130-inches length + girth. However, our $199 flat rate includes shipments up to 165-inches length + girth.

    Please note, packages exceeding 165-inches length + girth do not qualify for service.

    How to measure your package:

    Length = The longest side of the box/case
    Girth = (2w + 2h)

  • What box size(s) can I ship?

    Bike boxes and travel cases up to 165-inches length + girth are eligible for our flat rate.

    How to measure your package:

    Length = The longest side of the box/case
    Girth = (2w + 2h)

  • Is there a package weight limit?
    With FedEx Express you can ship packages up to 150 lbs. Packages exceeding 150 lbs may not be shipped. Overnight Bikes includes up to 50 lbs of weight included with our flat rate. Shipments exceeding 50 lbs will incur a $5-$20 overweight surcharge (billed separately).
  • When will my bike arrive after I ship it?
    FedEx Priority Overnight service offers one business day transit. This means most packages tendered to FedEx by 4:30pm M-F will be delivered the next business day by 10:30am. For example, packages tendered to FedEx on Thursday will be delivered Friday morning. Packages tendered to FedEx on Friday will be delivered Monday morning. Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days.
  • Where can I get a bike box?
    FedEx offers a bicycle shipping box. The FedEx bike box measures 54 x 8 x 28 (126-inches length + girth). FedEx Office will also securely pack your bicycle on your behalf. Additionally, the ShipBikes xBike Shipper measures 43 x 11 x 32 (129-inches length + girth) and the BikeFlights Bike Box Medium measures 45 x 12 x 29 (127-inches length + girth). Also, most local bike shops will pack your bike for a fee.
  • Which bicycle travel cases are allowed?
    Any bike boxes or travel case that does not exceed 165-inches length + girth is eligible for service. For example, the SBT Serfas® Bike Transport Case, SBC Serfas® Bike Case, Thule® RoundTrip Sport and Trico® Iron Case are a few examples of heavy-duty travel cases for road, mountain or cyclocross bikes. Refer to each manufacturer’s technical specifications to ensure compatibility with your bike.
  • Will FedEx Office pack my bicycle for me?
    FedEx Office will pack your bicycle on your behalf. Ask your local FedEx Office staff what they require from you (e.g., you may need to remove the handlebars, pedals, etc).
  • Will my local bike shop pack my bicycle for me?

    Most local bike shops will pack your bicycle and schedule a FedEx pickup on your behalf.

  • Can I ship an e-bike?

    Sorry, e-bike shipping is not eligible at this time due to FAA regulations governing lithium ion batteries.

  • What if my bike gets damaged or lost during shipping?

    If your bike has been lost or damaged, contact your insurance carrier to file a claim. Please contact our support team within one week of your shipment. We will initiate an investigation with FedEx on your behalf and provide you updates, which you may provide to your insurance carrier to process your claim.

    Please note, neither Overnight Bikes nor FedEx offer insurance coverage of any kind. To limit risk exposure due to loss or damage that may occur in transit (or during your ride), we encourage all members to transfer risk to a third-party insurance provider (e.g., Sundays, Velosurance, Spoke) who covers your bike for full replacement value with no depreciation.

  • Can I schedule a FedEx pickup?

    We are happy to schedule a FedEx pickup on your behalf. Please submit a support request and provide your shipment tracking number, pickup address, phone number and preferred pickup date/time. The cost is $10. 

  • What is a remote location fee?

    FedEx classifies some USPS zip codes as remote or hard to reach. Remote locations are subject to an additional surcharge.

  • Is there a cost to make changes to a shipment?

    There is no cost to make changes or cancel your shipment before it is shipped. However, if you specify a re-route or address change after your bike has been shipped you will be charged a $15 fee. Please contact our support team to request changes.

    Reroutes/changes may delay delivery by 1-2 business days.

  • What if I have to cancel my shipment?

    Contact our support team for a full refund on your unused shipment up to 30 days after your purchase date. A shipment may not be cancelled after it has been received by FedEx.

  • Do you support international shipping?

    We ship to any destination in the contiguous United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. We do not offer international shipping at this time.

  • Who should I contact if I need help?

    Use our support form on this page to contact us. Do not contact FedEx directly as the carrier’s general customer service department may not have access to orders in our system. Our team will be happy to contact FedEx on your behalf, if necessary.

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