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  • Both the UPS Store and FedEx Office will pack your bike for shipping. Ask your local UPS Store or FedEx Office staff what they require before you drop your bicycle off (e.g., remove the handlebars, pedals, etc).

  • Oversize packages range from 131 to 165-inches length plus girth. FedEx and UPS oversize package fees vary based on factors such as size, weight, shipping origin and destination.

  • Neither FedEx nor UPS offer insurance coverage of any kind. To limit risk exposure due to loss or damage that may occur in transit (or during your ride), many cyclists prefer to transfer risk to a third-party insurance provider.

  • You can ship a bike in a cardboard box, hard case or travel bag. Keep in mind, some bike boxes and cases have been designed to meet FedEx and UPS standard shipping dimensions of 130-inches length plus girth, or less. Packages that exceed FedEx or UPS standard shipping dimensions are subject to an oversize shipping […]

  • Can I ship a e-bike?

    An e-bike can be shipped just like any bicycle. However, there are special considerations (and some restrictions) due to the battery. For example, current FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations prohibit any lithium ion battery containing more than 160-watt hours from carriage on all passenger aircraft. Typical e-bike batteries range from about 300 watt-hours (abbreviated WH) […]

  • Neither FedEx nor UPS deliver to APO, DPO, FPO or PO Boxes. Only the U.S. Postal Service has access to APO, DPO, FPO and PO Box addresses.

  • Bike insurance is a stand-alone insurance policy that offers personal liability protection and safeguards you if your bike is lost, damaged or stolen.

  • Delivery speed varies from 1 to 7 days depending on shipping origin, destination, and delivery type. With Overnight Bikes, every package ships FedEx Priority Overnight® service to any destination in the United States.

  • To qualify for FedEx or UPS shipping, a bike box or travel case must not exceed 150 pounds.

  • Due to the high cost and hassle of flying with a bike, most cyclists prefer to ship a bike through bicycle shipping services such as Overnight Bikes, ShipBikes or BikeFlights.