Will my local bike shop pack my bicycle for me?

Most local bike shops will pack your bicycle and schedule a FedEx pickup on your behalf. Simply provide your prepaid FedEx shipping label.

It is your responsibility to verify that the bike box used does not exceed 130-inches Length + Girth, otherwise, you will not qualify for our $99 flat rate shipping and you will be responsible to pay the oversize surcharge charge applied by FedEx.

Let your bike shop know that Girth = (2W + 2H). For example, 43″L + 11″W + 32″H = 129-inches L + G and does qualify for our $99 flat rate shipping.  However, 45″L + 11″W + 32″H = 131-inches L + G and does not qualify for our $99 flat rate shipping and will, therefore, incur an oversize surcharge.

Alternatively, FedEx Office also offers packing services.